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Online Payment

Increase the ease of booking a room with our Online Payment module


Offer multiple payment methods to your guests, receive the money on your bank account instantly and manage your payments 24 hours a day!


The total amount of the booking is instantly transferred to your bank account

The Online Payment module is an add-on of the Responsive Booking engine. This module increases the convenience of make a reservation online as it can be paid for directly, making use of various payment methods. Guest can proved their credit card details through a secured link, after which the money is transferred to your account.


One clear overview

Log on to the online cash desk to have a look at the online payments done by guests. One of the perks of the online cash desk is that you’ll have a clear overview, enabling you to determine the most popular payment method among your guests, to easily make booking refunds and checking the status of any payment.

Choose your own payment methods

The Online Payment module is an online cash desk which enables guests to pay the reservation directly and which enables you to receive the booking amount on your bank account in an instant. As you probably know all about your client base, you are able to select the payment methods that you’d like to offer. Some examples are: credit card payments, Maestro and Paypal.

Send your guests payment requests via email

The online payment module comes with the possibility to send any of your guests a request for payment for their booking. This convenient tool enables you to send payment requests for all sorts of services. For instance, a deposit for a reservation or restaurant booking or a requeste bottle of wine upon arrival.

Always have a clear overview

You can consult our extranet to gain insights into the status of your payment requests. If the payment is not yet completed, you can easily send a reminder to the guest.