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Hotel marketing that works is our passion

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Product Overview

We understand your needs and create solutions that fit your business profile


Booking Engine

Maximize direct bookings via your hotel website.

Webhotelier Booking Engine is the industry’s most comprehensive, high performance Internet booking engine. It combines advanced merchandising facilities with an interactive user-friendly booking interface that results in higher conversion rates and greater revenues. The ‘direct-to-consumer’ channel is now the most significant channel for many properties and hotel chains, a situation that will continue to grow in coming years. Unlike most reservation platforms, Webhotelier offers a range of booking engine solutions to suit every hotelier, from individual hotels to large hotel groups.

Channel Manager

Distribute across channels such as GDS and IDS

Primal includes a two-way Channel Manager able to manage distribution channels easily, rapidly and fully automatically based on one room inventory.


Primal Channel Manager enables distribution in a way that minimises the extranets a hotel may have to manage — saving time and ensuring rate parity — but does so in a way that allows hotels more control and content distribution options than a traditional CRS and channel manager set-up.

Responsive Website

We create pages that make an impression.

We have literally done it a thousand times! We have worked with more than a thousand hotels. We have studied what works, what catches the eye and what creates the emotional impact that sells.

Smart phones, smart gadgets, tablets… the trend is what can you find while you are on the move. Your clients are more on the road and less behind a desk. You need to find them while they are moving.

Hotelizer Cloud PMS

From managing rooms to engaging with guests

Hotelizer is a premier Cloud PMS (Property Management System).

It leverages cutting-edge internet technologies to deliver flexible, integrated and personalized solutions to your hotel unit, regardless of the size, organization and range of services available.

Price check widget & conversion

Rate Parity

Over 50% of the people booking through OTA’s have visited the hotel’s own website. In doing so, they look for better images, additional information and to check the direct price. In most cases, these visitors come to your website and leave.


It is therefore all about reassuring your guests and providing them with a guarantee of getting the best price through your own hotel website.

Online Payment

Increase the ease of booking a room with our Online Payment module

Offer multiple payment methods to your guests, receive the money on your bank account instantly and manage your payments 24 hours a day!

The Online Payment module is an add-on of the Responsive Booking engine. This module increases the convenience of make a reservation online as it can be paid for directly, making use of various payment methods. Guest can proved their credit card details through a secured link, after which the money is transferred to your account