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Reservation systems are designed to be uploaded with hotels and then produce bookings. The difference between a perfect set up and a mediocre one is the person who is doing the set up.

Hotel Raise was created 6 years ago and exists with a single purpose: to help hotels and tourism properties as villas and rentals to adapt rapidly to the ever-changing tourist environment.

At Hotel Raise we use all modern methods and tactics in order to increase the channel sales and the income of the hotel, knowing that at the end of the day what “counts” for the hotel is the viability, the good reputation and the profit.

ARIVIA GROUP is a Greek company for the development and management of accommodation and tourist residences focusing on the provision of specialised proposals and services to our guests. We are experts in Greek Hospitality. ARIVIA GROUP offers personalised services oriented towards guests based on the ‘’social stay’’ and ‘’luxury stay’’ from our know-how and experience we have gained in the hospitality sector. Accommodation and hotel management solutions are designed to maximise visitor’s quality, services as well as the overall experience of our visitors. Be always there for our guests and improve efficiency.

Hotelity is a greek hotel management company that operates with a main scope the development, the modernization and the improvement of every hotel property.

Forget about the traditional hotel industry approach, and turn your hotel into a winning success story.
With our creative strategies and best practices, we turn around hotels, and reposition them to outperform their competitors and become local market leaders.

Following a long route through sales & management positions, while incorporating vast experience in hotel operation and administration, our company has been established in 2018. Our only target is to serve hospitality sector worldwide, by offering tailormade services and business solutions.

It’s our approach to Sales, our proven track of success, but most of all our approach to you. Puro Management offers a wide range of personalized services and supports hotel owners to achieve desired results. We have created a highly specialized approach offering a wide spectrum of services to hotel owners, such as sales, marketing, operational know-how, concept positioning, strategy, as well as financial planning.

Hotel Promotion Group is a Leading Travel Technology Team with over of 20 Year’s experience in Hotel Promotion Worldwide giving Hoteliers High Technology Promotions Solution and Promotion Plan alongside with Hotel Marketing and Hotel Consulting in order to Maximize Hotel Revenue.