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Conversion Rate Optimization Platform For Hoteliers


Over 50% of the people booking through OTA’s have visited the hotel’s own website. In doing so, they look for better images, additional information and to check the direct price. In most cases, these visitors come to your website and leave.


It is therefore all about reassuring your guests and providing them with a guarantee of getting the best price through your own hotel website. Rate Parity Widget addresses the main reason why people book elsewhere: they assume OTA’s are cheaper. Rate Parity is a widget that is implemented in your Responsive Booking Engine. It shows a real-time price comparison between three OTA’s and your hotel’s website.



With Rate Parity you can increase your website’s conversion and generate more direct bookings. Rate Parity offers a complete toolset for interacting with website visitors and convincing them to make a booking.


Increase the conversion
The conversion tools give visitors specific information to help make an educated choice. This can be done by means of a price check, which shows and ensures that the visitor has found the lowest price. Another possibility is a review comparison, which shows review scores from various sources.


Keep track of OTA undercutting and unpackaged wholesale rates to take ownership of how your rooms are priced online. Stop competing with your own inventory and make sure guests get the best rate from you.

Travelers want to get the best price when booking your hotel. You have the best price.
We help you show travelers that so that they can save time and confidently book on your site.