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Hotelizer Cloud PMS



Hotelizer is a premier Cloud PMS (Property Management System).

It leverages cutting-edge internet technologies to deliver flexible, integrated and personalized solutions to your hotel unit, regardless of the size, organization and range of services available.

Usability and flexibility

The Hotelizer is designed with a particular focus on user-friendliness, enabling them to perform all day-to-day functions simply, quickly and efficiently.

Cutting-edge technologies

Using cutting-edge technologies, it is a modern and technologically advanced web application that can offer innovative solutions to any problem and broaden your business horizons and capabilities!

Unlimited possibilities

It provides unlimited possibilities for electronic data exchange and scalability. Manage multiple accommodations from the same account. Accessed by multiple users at any time from any device with an Internet connection.

Automatic update

Thanks to push data real time technology, any change in any area of ​​the application is apparent at the same time to all users for all different account accommodations from any device and if users are online

Data Security

Our servers have a high security system designed to safeguard the data stored in it. Specifically we utilize the most up-to-date SSL technology recognized.