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Booking Engine

Maximize direct bookings via your hotel website.


WebHotelier delivers higher revenue with happier guests! The next-generation web booking engine with the full-screen features offers a complete and flexible solution for the most significant channel of your hotel. Your website!


WebHotelier Booking Engine is the industry’s most comprehensive, high-performance Internet booking engine. It combines advanced merchandising facilities with an interactive user-friendly booking interface that results in higher conversion rates and greater revenues. The ‘direct-to-consumer channel is now the most significant channel for many properties and hotel chains, a situation that will continue to grow in coming years. Unlike most reservation platforms, Cosmores offers a range of booking engine solutions to suit every hotelier, from individual hotels to large hotel groups.


WebHotelier can process the widest range of offers, packages, and last-minute bookings with astonishing ease and simplicity. Each and every client typology can be processed with a minimum of fuss, whether private individuals, companies, tour operators, or travel agencies requiring on-the-fly agreements and bespoke packages. Discount codes, early booking policies, various payment terms and cancellation policies can all be handled easily.


WebHotelier booking engines give you countless merchandising opportunities that result in a high ROI for your property. Whether the booking engine is on a traditional or mobile Website, it is seamlessly integrated into the WebHotelier CRS control center so managing rates and inventory is simple.


WebHotelier unlike most reservation platforms offers a range of booking engine solutions to suit every hotelier, from individual hotels to large hotel groups. Follow this link to view our templates & themes and mobile apps. For advanced hotels, we offer an integrated version of Webhotelier Booking Engine, hosted at your site!


Questions you should answer about your booking engine:

– Does it fit in with the rest of your website/ mobile site/ brand?
– How easy is it to customize to your brand and the messaging you want to share?
– How much time and money does it cost – set up fees, software costs, support costs & transaction costs?
– Can it do packages?
– Can it sell add-ons/ upgrades – lift tickets/transfers etc?
– Does it work on mobile?
– Does it convert into sales? – If 100 people search for dates – how many actually end up booking (the search to book or conversion ratio)?
– Do reservations flow automatically into the PMS or do they have to be keyed in?

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