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Hotel marketing that works is our passion

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Google Hotel Ads

Help your next guest find you


Millions of travelers around the world search for hotels on Google every day


Show up for interested travelers
Google Hotel Ads display your hotel availability and rates on Google Search, Maps, and the Assistant.


Attract lookers and bookers

Engage customers browsing rich hotel photos and reviews or searching hotels in your city. Connect with new and returning customers and send them to your site to book direct – or allow them to book on Google.


Fill your rooms effectively

Boutique hotel or hotel chain? Pay only when travelers select your room rate. You can set a risk-free commission rate or manage rates, room types, and availability you would like to share on Google.


Marinet works closely with hotels to set up, strategize and manage their Google Hotel Ads at an affordable cost. One option that Marinet offers is the option to pay for metasearch advertising on a commision based model, which allows hotels to pay only when they receive a booking.