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ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ ΔΑΜΙΓΟΣ ( με συνολική εισφορά Ε.Κ)

Hotel marketing that works is our passion

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Responsive website

We create pages that make an impression.

Hotel Web Site

We have literally done it a thousand times! We have worked with more than a thousand hotels. We have studied what works, what catches the eye and what creates the emotional impact that sells.

Hotel Mobile Site

Smart phones, smart gadgets, tablets… the trend is what can you find while you are on the move. Your clients are more on the road and less behind a desk. You need to find them while they are moving.


One site to suit all needs. One site that can be seen from a PC, a smart phone or a tablet.
We save time, you save money. No confusions… just positive impressions!


We can create a blog where you can upload all sorts of information, stories, historical info of your area, places of interests, restaurant suggestions and more. We can make it work for you!


You are the owner of your website. Literally!
We provide you with an easy to use CMS where you can upload or download all kinds of information, texts, photos, brochures quickly and effectively.

Custom Design

Templates are good. We are better!
We know that your property is unique. We know that you want to pass this message to your guests. Your property is unique. So is your website.

What we do


You have the website. Do you have the visibility? We have the tools, we have the know how and we now the secrets that produce high ranking results.

Google Analytics

What do you know about your website? We link your website and your booking engine with an advanced interface with Google Analytics.

Webmaster Tools

The road to perfection! We use webmaster tools in order to screen thoroughly your website and find out how search engines are treating your pages.

Multimedia Hosting

From photography, video, graphics and slideshows to enhance your business image and functionality, we provide professional, cost effective multimedia hosting solutions aimed at exceeding your expectations.


In order to create a feeling you must use all tools available. We can create all the material which can be used on your website, such as graphics, photos, videos and much more.

We know what works

Why choose us

We have the means, the experience and the know how in the hotel industry.

It is impossible for a hotelier to handle every single day all the different aspects of the communication, marketing, revenue, social media and other. We have a team of experts that can perform the tasks.

We have proven results. Clients who have entrusted us have seen an actual increase in their revenue.

We stand besides you as a valuable business partner and not as an one off associate.