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Marinet Ltd. 24 Kapodistriou str. ,
18531, Piraeus, Greece

Email: sales@marinet.gr

Phone: +30 2104101130

Fax:  +30 210 4101132


It’s what every business is all about. It is the key word for every successful business. But, what exactly do you know about your revenue stream? What tools do you have available in order to track down your guests booking trends, favorite room types, booking time, what offers worked and when is the right time to place them? What do you know about the people that visited your website and booking engine? How are you performing against last year? What is the country of origin of the majority of your guests? Can you expand to other markets? Do you know what your data is telling you about the performance of the property and how to optimize it?

We have all the tools and the reports you need in order to perform a successful revenue management. We can show you the ropes and we have the experts who can explain you how you can increase your revenue simply by looking at the right report.



Too much analysis doesn't bring paralysis but revenue! With us analysis is your RevPAR best friend!


We help you monitoring the effects of your hotel's revenue management practices. We focus on your hotel's competitors and we keep track on how your competition is performing.


Brand new service! Who is browsing your website? What is he looking for? How can you attract him? You can lead him from just browsing to reserving! Turn the looker into a booker!


We know how to use your hotel's analytics in order to turn the provided results into actionable Pricing and Revenue Management strategies, which gives you a competitive advantage.

We have the "key" to fill your hotel.

Marinet is one of the leading companies for Internet presentation, in the tourism area!