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Marinet Ltd. 24 Kapodistriou str. ,
18531, Piraeus, Greece

Email: sales@marinet.gr

Phone: +30 2104101130

Fax:  +30 210 4101132

CRS - Central Reservation System

You want more revenue. You want your clients to find you on GDS, on IDS and you want to have your own booking engine.

You want to have control over your rate policy and your inventory. You want to able to check your competition and you want to promote your property the best possible way in order to maximize revenue.

We have the tools to make it work for you. We can reduce your everyday reservation workload and at the same time increase your revenue.

Do you want to know how?


Booking Engine

Maximize direct bookings via your hotel website

Channel Manager

Distribute across channels such as GDS and IDS

Marketing Tools

Gain a strategic advantage!

Rate Checker

We check the prices of competing hotels in real time!

GDS (Global Distribution Systems)

Reach more than 650.000 travel agents and corporations

Do you really have the time for all the marketing actions your hotel needs? We Do!