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Marinet Ltd. 24 Kapodistriou str. ,
18531, Piraeus, Greece

Email: sales@marinet.gr

Phone: +30 2104101130

Fax:  +30 210 4101132

TripAdvisor Advertising

TripAdvisor Ads

Marinet makes your TripAdvisor ads generate direct revenue. With a ROI average of more than 12x TripAdvisor ads are the most effective hotel ad channel on the market today.

Our strategic partner Cosmores can connect with your TripAdvisor page to provide potential bookers with your rates and availability. Customers can also book with you at zero commission using the Cosmores system on your TripAdvisor page. This is an optional service provided by Cosmores and it is on a Pay Per Click basis so you pay based on TripAdvisor Pay Per Click advertising charges.

Marinet will monitor all the bookings which come from the advert so you can easily decide if the cost of advertising is worth the extra bookings you get from it. Now with total budget control: you tell us how much you want to spend, and our advanced systems make sure that you never spend more.


The only place to reach 50 million informed, educated and connected travelers who are actively researching and planning a trip right now. More than 260 million travellers visit TripAdvisor each month, making it the world's largest travel website. With more than 60 million monthly visitors and 75 million reviews, TripAdvisor has become the largest travel website, reaching 30 countries in 21 languages. Currently, TripAdvisor has reviews for more than 600,000 hotels in more than 11,000 destinations, greatly impacting consumers in the online travel planning process at every touch point.